Myteka Tablet Uses, Side Effects, Dosage, Price

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What is Myteka Tablet?

Myteka Tablet is a prescription medication formulated with Montelukast. It is manufactured by Hilton Pharma PVT LTD Pakistan and is used for treating asthma and its related symptoms.

  • Product Name: Myteka
  • Manufacturer: Hilton Pharma
  • Active Formula: Montelukast, the primary component responsible for the therapeutic effects of Myteka Tablet.
  • Available Forms: Myteka Tablet is available in both tablet and powder forms.
  • Prescription Required: Yes

Myteka Tablet Uses

Myteka tablet can be used to treat or prevent the following conditions;

  • Control and Prevention of Asthma: Myteka Tablet is crucial in managing and preventing asthma symptoms, relieving individuals grappling with this chronic inflammatory lung condition.
  • Pre-Exercise Asthma Prevention: Administering this medication before exercise effectively averts breathing problems during physical activity, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted workout.
  • Relief from Hay Fever Symptoms: Myteka Tablet benefits individuals experiencing hay fever, addressing inflammation in the nasal passages triggered by airborne allergens.
  • Allergic Rhinitis Alleviation: For those contending with allergic rhinitis symptoms such as sneezing, nasal congestion, and itching, Myteka Tablet emerges as a viable solution.

Mytek Tablet Side Effects

Despite its efficacy, Myteka Tablet may manifest specific side effects. These include abdominal pain, headaches, and, in rare instances, severe allergic reactions. It’s imperative to discontinue the medication if signs of Churg-Strauss Syndrome appear, indicating blood vessel inflammation.


Pregnancy: Caution is advised during pregnancy, as the effects of Myteka on pregnant females remain undetermined. Consultation with a healthcare professional before usage is paramount.

Lactation: Similar caution applies to nursing females; consulting a doctor before using Myteka Tablet is advised.

Driving and Alcohol: The medication may impact driving ability, warranting avoidance of this activity during use. Simultaneously, alcohol consumption should be avoided.


To ensure safe usage, avoid abrupt substitution for inhaled or oral steroid therapy. The chewable tablets may contain aspartame, necessitating consideration for individuals with conditions like Phenylketonuria, requiring dietary restrictions.


Myteka Tablet is contraindicated in patients with increased eosinophils, suicidal thoughts, depression, inflammation of blood vessels in the skin, and anxiety disorders.

How to Use Myteka Tablet 10mg

To maximize benefits, consume the tablet whole with water and adhere to the prescribed dosage provided by your healthcare provider. Avoid crushing or chewing the tablet, and consult your doctor if asthma worsens or breathing difficulties arise.

Alternative Options

Alternative Manufacturer Price (PKR) Available Strengths
Montika Tablet Sami Pharma PVT Ltd 460 (10mg), 310 (5mg) 10mg, 5mg
Montiget Getz Pharma PVT Ltd 504 (10mg), 434 (5mg) 10mg, 5mg
Freehale 10mg Tablet HighQ Pharma 440 (10mg), 302 (5mg) 10mg, 5mg
Respicare 10mg Tablet Genix Pharma 490 (10mg), 256 (5mg) 10mg, 5mg

These alternatives provide varied pricing and strengths to cater to individual preferences and requirements. It’s advisable to consult with a healthcare professional to determine the most suitable option based on specific health needs.

Drug Interactions

Myteka can interact with drugs such as Fexofenadine, Fluticasone/salmeterol, and Albuterol. Prior knowledge of potential interactions is essential for safe medication usage.

Storage Conditions

Keep Myteka out of reach of children, store at room temperature, and shield from sunlight and moisture. 


Question: How does this medication work? Myteka works by halting the chemicals narrowing airways.

Question: How to store this medication? Follow package labeling for specific storage directions, avoiding excessive light moisture and keeping it away from children.

Question: Why is Montelukast taken at night? Montelukast exerts increased action at night.

Question: How many days should Montelukast be taken? Once daily in the evening, or 2 hours before exercise if it worsens asthma. Stay under one dose per day.

Question: Is Montelukast an immunosuppressant? Yes, Montelukast sodium is classified as an immunosuppressive agent.


In respiratory health, Myteka Tablet is a versatile ally, offering relief from asthma, allergy symptoms, and more. Understanding its uses, potential side effects, and alternative options ensures informed and safe usage for individuals seeking effective respiratory care.


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