Clarimax Plus Cream (30g): Unveiling a Brighter You 


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  • Product Name: Clarimax Plus Cream
  • Manufacturer: Careapex Pharma
  • Benefits: Ultra-whitening, Glowing Skin, Antioxidant Protection, Hyperpigmentation Control
  • Price: PKR 1290
  • Dosage Form: Cream
  • Package Size: 30gm

Experience the transformative power of Clarimax Plus Cream, a luxurious formula designed to unveil a radiant and even-toned complexion. This 30gm cream, formulated by Careapex Pharma, harnesses the power of cutting-edge ingredients to address hyperpigmentation, leaving your skin with a luminous glow.

Key Clarimax Plus Cream Ingredients

Let’s have a look at the ingredients in the Clarimax Plus cream;

  • SymWhite 377 (Phenylethyl Resorcinol): A revolutionary brightening agent that helps reduce hyperpigmentation and dark spots.
  • Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate (ATIP): A stable form of Vitamin C, offering potent antioxidant protection and promoting a brighter, more even skin tone.
  • Alpha Arbutin: A natural skin brightener that helps regulate melanin production for a radiant complexion.
  • Glycolic Acid: A gentle exfoliant that removes dead skin cells, promoting a smoother and brighter appearance.
  • Emblica Extract: Offers anti-inflammatory and soothing properties to calm and nourish the skin.
  • Vitamin E: A powerful antioxidant that combats free radical damage and supports overall skin health.
  • Licorice Extract: Known for its skin-brightening properties and ability to soothe irritation.
  • Niacinamide: Helps improve skin barrier function, minimize hyperpigmentation, and promote a healthy glow.
  • Octyl Methoxycinnamate: Provides broad-spectrum sun protection to help prevent future pigmentation concerns.

Benefits of Clarimax Plus Cream

  • Whitening: Achieve a visibly brighter and more radiant complexion with regular use.
  • Glowing Skin: Experience a luminous and healthy glow as Clarimax Plus enhances your natural beauty.
  • Antioxidant Protection: Shield your skin from environmental damage and free radicals with powerful antioxidants.
  • Hyperpigmentation Control: Reduce the appearance of dark spots and achieve a more even skin tone.

How to Use?

For optimal results, apply a thin layer of Clarimax Plus Cream to a clean face twice daily.

Clarimax Plus Cream Price in Pakistan

This effective formula is available for PKR 1290 per 30gm pack. This price may change with time and may also be different in different stores. 

Looking for Alternatives

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Unlock your skin’s full potential with Clarimax Plus Cream. Order yours today and experience a radiant transformation!

Please note: While Clarimax Plus Cream offers a multitude of benefits, it’s recommended to consult a dermatologist before using any new skincare product, especially if you have sensitive skin or any underlying skin conditions.


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