Myofolic Sachet Uses, Side Effects, Dosage, FAQs

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MyoFolic Sachet, formulated by Matrix Pharma, is a powerhouse blend of 2000mg Myo-Inositol and 400mcg Folic Acid, offering unparalleled support for women’s health. Elevate your well-being with this unique combination designed to address various concerns, from PCOS to hormonal imbalances.

  • Product: Myofolic Sachet
  • Manufacturer: Matrix Pharma
  • Formula: Myo-Inositol & Folic Acid
  • Benefits: Reduce PCOS symptoms, improve menstrual pain and more.
  • Dosage Form: Sachet
  • MyoFolic Sachet Price: 1200PKR per 15 sachets

What is MyoFolic Sachet?

MyoFolic Sachet is a specialized blend of Myo-Inositol and Folic Acid, carefully crafted to regulate the menstrual cycle, enhance oocyte maturation, and improve ovulation and fertility. It’s a comprehensive solution for conditions like PCOS, menstrual irregularities, and hormonal imbalances.

MyoFolic Sachet Uses

This innovative sachet is a go-to solution for various health concerns, including:

  • PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome): Myo-Inositol present in this product effectively reduces symptoms associated with PCOS, such as irregular menstrual cycles and insulin resistance.
  • Menstrual Irregularities: Restore balance to your menstrual cycle with the regulating power of MyoFolic Sachet.
  • Hyperinsulinemia: Achieve insulin sensitization and support blood sugar balance.
  • Hyperandrogenism: Experience hormonal balancing to alleviate symptoms like hirsutism and acne.

Myofolic Sachet Ingredients–Myo-Inositol & Folic Acid

  • Myo-Inositol: Supported by clinical studies, Myo-Inositol has demonstrated safety and efficacy in regulating ovulation and improving oocyte quality. Research suggests that a daily dosage of 2000mg combined with Folic Acid can be effective for women with PCOS.
  • Folic Acid: A synthetically produced form of folate, Folic Acid plays a crucial role in supporting reproductive health. MyoFolic Sachet’s blend includes 400mcg, contributing to the reduction of PCOS symptoms and supporting overall well-being.

Myofolic Sachet Dosage

Current research recommends a daily dosage of 2000mg Myo-Inositol combined with Folic Acid, taken 1-2 times daily for three months, as an effective protocol for women with PCOS. Always consult with your healthcare provider for personalized advice.

PCOS and Nutrition

Addressing the complexity of PCOS involves targeted dietary and lifestyle changes. MyoFolic Sachet, with its potent ingredients, supports:

  • Weight Management: Vital for overall health and PCOS symptom reduction.
  • Blood Sugar Balance: Normalizes insulin function, which is crucial for PCOS management.
  • Hormone Balance: Supports hormonal equilibrium.
  • Ovarian Health: Promotes overall ovarian well-being.

High-Quality Alternatives

1. Inofolic Sachet By Lo.Li Pharma

    • Price: 3540 PKR per 30 sachets
    • Renowned for its comprehensive formula, Inofolic Sachet is a trusted alternative with proven benefits for women’s health. More about Inofolic Sachet.

2. Tinostol Sachet By Bristol Mayer

    • Price: 2700 PKR per 15 sachets
    • Tinostol Sachet offers a competitive option crafted by Bristol Mayer, providing targeted support for women’s well-being. More about Tinostol Sachet.

3. Momfolic Sachet By Health Care Pharma

    • Price: 1600 PKR for 14 sachets
    • Momfolic Sachet, from Health Care Pharma, stands out as an effective alternative, addressing various health concerns with its unique blend.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the MyoFolic Sachet used for?

MyoFolic Sachet is a specialized blend of Myo-Inositol and Folic Acid designed to address conditions like PCOS, menstrual irregularities, and hormonal imbalances. It supports menstrual cycle regulation, enhances oocyte maturation, and improves ovulation and fertility.

What are some common side effects?

MyoFolic Sachet is generally well-tolerated. However, some individuals may experience mild side effects such as digestive discomfort. If you encounter persistent or severe side effects, consult your healthcare provider.

Is it approved by the authorities?

This supplement is approved by the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP), ensuring its safety and efficacy for your health journey.

Where to buy Myofolic Sachet?

The best places to buy Myofolic sachets are DrugsBank online and offline pharmacy, D-Watson pharmacy, Shaheen Chemist, emeds, Dawaai and many other such stores.

What is the MyoFolic Sachet price in Pakistan?

At the time of writing, it is priced at 1200 PKR for a pack of 15 sachets. Prices may vary and are subject to change.


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